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Power instruction is a structured program uniquely designed to increase an athlete’s arm strength, muscular strength, mobility and stability, as well as injury prevention. Athlete’s will perform sport specific and expertly designed exercises to prepare them for movements involved with baseball.

Power instruction takes athletes through four phases of periodization; Base Phase, Strength Phase, Power Phase, and Peak Phase. Sessions include a combination of throwing drills, arm strengthening exercises, and functional strength training exercises. Exercises will include medicine balls to increase rotational, linear, and lateral power, weighted baseballs to increase throwing arm strength, and traditional weight lifting to increase maximum strength and power.

Power Athletes will be taught proper nutrition for optimum performance. They will be tested and evaluated at the beginning and end of each phase to monitor progress. The program will be designed to peak based on the timing of the baseball season. Take your game to the next level with POWER Training.


The Diamond Sports Power Training program, led by former teammate and player Kyle Rogers helped to increase my functional strength and athleticism through a variety of sport specific exercises. There is more to strength and power than sheer size and Kyle helped me and other athletes to reach new levels.Alexander Lee (Baltimore Orioles Organization)

I can’t say enough about the Power Training program and Kyle Rogers. As a dad and pitching coach for Puyallup High School and the Diamond Jaxx, I am very impressed with the one on one attention the players received while going through the program. This was very important to me, to assure that the players were doing all of the throwing and strength exercises properly to avoid injury and maximize gains. I watched players make dramatic improvements in strength, flexibility, pitching mechanics, and velocity. I have recommended this program to all of my players.Lonny McLean ( Puyallup High School Baseball)

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