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Senior Program


What is the Senior Program?

The Diamond Sports Senior Program is made up of multiple teams ranging in ages from 13 years old to 18 years old. Teams from the Senior Program come from various programs from the training center including: Bulldogs, Outlaws and Saints. The Diamond Sports Senior Program instructors are made up of various former professional and college baseball players. The Senior Program provides an all inclusive training program that maximizes the development of our players. Training includes defensive breakdown by position, catching, hitting, base-running, pitching, and strength and conditioning. Our instructors teach all aspects of the game giving our players specific concepts to implement during open hitting hours on their days off.

The amount of quality instructors allows us to have a high coach to player ratio; this allows our players to stay very active throughout practice and get the most out of their time.  Having players ranging from 13 to 18 years old provides a great mentorship opportunity for our older players. This also allows our younger players to not only learn from the instructors, but also learn from the older players. Having instructors and coaches on the same page with what is being taught provides consistency throughout the entire Senior Program and helps speed up the development process. The Diamond Sports Senior Program is committed to providing exceptional instruction and developing players so they can reach the next level.

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