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Diamond Sports 18u Premier

Diamond Sports Premier is looking to complete its roster for the 2018/2019 season. DS Premier is one of ten teams that compete in the Seattle Premier League. With participating in the SPL, DS Premier plays one of the most completive high school schedules with tournaments they attend, as well as playing the Highline Bears (Collegiate Summer Team) on an annual basis.

Alexander Lee will be managing the team this upcoming season. This will be his third year in charge of the Premier team. Before returning to Diamond Sports, Lee played collegiately at Radford University and was a 2014 draft pick by the Baltimore Orioles where he played two seasons.

The team will train in the Diamond Sports Senior Program, which combines both position specific training and team fundamentals.

For more information and to set up an individual tryout please contact Alexander Lee. You can reach Lee by calling or texting at 253-880-5605 or by email at

Diamond Sports 18u Elite

Diamond Sports Elite will be entering their second season and compete in the Seattle Elite League. They are a part of the Diamond Sports Senior program where they take advantage of high-level instructors throughout the offseason. The team will be led by head coach Jordyn Perry who is entering his 8th season at DS and 5th season at the 18u level. He has also coached at Auburn Mountain view and Garfield High School. To go along with the Elite League schedule this team will compete in high-level tournaments including the GSL College Showcase, Art Wright Memorial, and Baden Invitational. Players will develop their physical skills as well as learn the importance of positive mental thinking while developing leadership, accountability, and the brotherhood of being a teammate.

For a tryout contact coach Jordan Perry at

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Bulldogs 16u Red

The 2019 Bulldogs 16U Red team will be managed by veteran coach Tom Wagner. Tom has been a part of the Bulldogs coaching staff for 5 years and is currently on staff at Decatur HS. Coach Tom has over 20 years of experience as a coach and manager. Coach Tom is looking for players that are committed to working hard at developing their individual baseball skills in a competitive environment while practicing the values of team etiquette and sportsmanship.

The 2019 team will participate in the Diamond Sports Senior Program and will play in a competitive 16U league as well as compete in several 16U tournaments. The summer will be a combination of games, tournaments and practices both indoor and outdoor to continue development and growth.

The Diamond Sports Senior Program instructors are made up of various former professional and college baseball players including Jay Garthwaite and Alexander Lee. The Senior Program provides an all-inclusive training program that maximizes the development of our players. Training includes a defensive breakdown by position, catching, hitting, base-running, pitching, and strength and conditioning. Our instructors teach all aspects of the game giving our players specific concepts to implement during open hitting hours on their days off.

If you are interested in trying out please contact Tom Wagner at or 253-732-7235.

Bulldogs 14u Blue

14U Bulldogs Blue will be playing in the Seattle ELITE League for the 2019 season and will be coached by Dave Pardey who has been coaching in our organization for 10 seasons. Jordan Misensol former 7 year Bulldog will join the coaching staff this season as well as Majacque Gregory former Select Coach and coached HS baseball at Newport High School. The Bulldogs will have multiple spots available but in need of at least 2 catchers. All starting positions are open for competition. We will play in the Seattle ELITE League and will play in 8-10 tournaments as well.

For more information or to set up private workouts please contact Coach Dave Pardey 206-235-7977 or

Bulldogs 12u Navy

The 12U Bulldogs have 2 openings. We are looking for a catcher and any players who are also pitchers! The Bulldogs winter training program includes 2 days per week with the Diamond Sports training staff. 12U Bulldogs plan to play between 40 – 45 games per year including 6 tournaments and a local league. All players are Diamond Sports club members. Team dues include all training, league, tournaments and game uniform. For more information or an individual workout, please contact Nevin Garthwaite 253-350-0937.

Bulldogs 12u Red

The 12U Bulldogs have 1 opening for position player that can also pitcher! The Bulldogs winter training program includes 2 days per week with the Diamond Sports training staff. 12U Bulldogs plan to play between 40 – 45 games per year including 6 tournaments and a local league. All players are Diamond Sports club members. Team dues include all training, league, tournaments and game uniform. For more information or an individual workout, please contact Nevin Garthwaite 253-350-0937.

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Gators 10u

Gator Baseball is an organization dedicated to the player and family that desires physical, intellectual and emotional development in the game. Each program is trained by Coach Brian Embery and emphasizes sound teaching strategies proven over time to guarantee success in the game. No gimmicks or shortcuts are employed; rather- tried and proven teaching of every facet of the game allow for clear-cut goals with a starting point and a final analysis each training season. Players will improve arm strength and accuracy/improve hitting and offensive understanding/receive instruction in all areas including leadership, nutrition, strength training, and visual imagery. The Gator programs are about each players climb towards his own personal goals.

Coach Brian Embery is a teacher with an MS in education and 40 years of college coaching experience. Embery currently is the Head Coach at Green River College and employs current players during the training season to assist in player development.

Individual tryouts begin immediately to determine if your player fits in the Gators organization. Call/text or email to set up your players/parents time with Coach Embery. – 253 218-9713

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Northwest Reign Senior Program

Senior program is geared towards varsity HS players who plan to play in college. Since 2011, our senior program has seen over 110 players move onto the next level at collegiate and or professional baseball. Silver teams will play a competitive league and tournament schedule locally and one regional tournament. Scout teams play a regional and national schedule.

All players and coaches work together and players at times can be asked to dual roster to help with depth at certain positions or other reasons. Winter training includes instruction and evaluations from current and former college and professional players, coaches as well as NWR coaching staff.

Get more info about each team at

Northwest Reign Junior Program

Junior program is designed to prepare players to get ready for high school baseball. Emphasis on being a good teammate and understanding how to play the game on a big field.

Junior program teams are when players start to be recognized for scout teams and national showcase teams. It is our goal to help identify those players and help them get on teams for Baseball Northwest, Northwest Elite, Perfect Game, Pac NW Regional Games and more. Your college journey does not start in high school but rather, middle school. It is important to understand how to train the abilities needed to compete on a national level.

Northwest Reign 13u Silver

Northwest Reign 13u Silver will be holding tryouts Monday, July 30 from 530p to 700p at Diamond Sports Training Center in Puyallup. The 13U Silver team will be coached by Tim White, who was an assistant coach on the 13U Black team for the 2018 season and has been a part of several select baseball programs over the years. Players must be coachable, competitive, and team driven. Please contact Tim White with any questions or to register for tryouts at

Northwest Reign 11u Silver

The Northwest Reign 11U Silver baseball team is holding tryouts for the 2018/2019 season on Saturday, July 14 at Cascade Christian HS from 11 AM to 1 PM. We will also have a tryout on Monday, July 16 from 7 to 830pm at Diamond Sports so you are able to see the amazing new facility we work out of during the winter.

Reign 11U Silver will be looking to add players to a quality team with a four year history. This team is very family oriented that focuses on teaching kids the fundamentals of baseball, sportsmanship and life lessons all while keeping our primary focus on being a fun environment for everyone involved. This team has 37 years of coaching experience that focuses on attitude and effort. Please contact Coach Brett Glivar for any questions. (253) 255-5232

Northwest Reign 11u Black

NW Reign 11U Black will be holding tryouts for the 2018/2019 season. Our team is looking to fill 1 to 2 spots on our team roster. Winter workouts occur through Diamond Sports Training Center. Our 2019 season will include a minimum of 6 tournaments (minimum 1 away), with a discussion of participating in a competitive league.

NW Reign 11U Black focuses on the organization motto: Teach, Provide, Inspire. Our coaches want nothing more than to teach the fundamentals and game of baseball to our youth. Our coaches teach our youth about being brothers, and that there is no bond like that of a team. Our coaches want to provide support, encouragement, and a fun experience. Our coaches want to provide life skills, life lessons, and teaching moments. Our coaches want to inspire our youth to continue forward and give back to their community as they grow. It is important to inspire this generation as they are our future to set and achieve goals.

Power 11u

Do you and your ballplayer want to be part of a POWERful baseball family that is affordable, competitive and teaches values like sportsmanship, community service and respect?

11U Power has a few open roster spots for the 2018-2019 season.

If your ballplayer is interested in:

*Thorough and experienced hitting, defense, pitching and catching training from an experienced coaching staff

*Indoor training at Diamond Sports, a state of the art baseball facility from October to March

*Low-cost, high-quality program that gives players the opportunity to improve their skills, learn every aspect of the game and have fun

*Participation in 12U Puyallup Competitive league (16 games from mid-April through June).

*Playing in 8-10 tournaments starting mid-March and concluding the last weekend of July, with at least one travel tournament (Eastern Washington or Oregon)

Then please contact Head Coach Jeff Murray at to schedule a tryout or to get more information.

Saints 200x100

Saints 14u

Looking for a new baseball family? We are currently scheduling our tryout sessions for the 2018/2019 14U Saints that will be held at the new and dynamic Diamond Sports Training Center in Puyallup. If you haven’t seen this place you need to come to check us out! We had a great year this year and are looking forward to another! To join our family you must fulfill the following criteria:

• You must want to and enjoy the grind/work that it takes to improve

• You must be coachable and want to be pushed to improve every day

• You have to be competitive and have a desire to be the best player “YOU” can be
• Your family must be awesome

If you think this is you, WE WANT TO MEET YOU!

Our 14U team will participate in the Diamond Sports Senior Program led by former professional and college baseball players including Jay Garthwaite and Alexander Lee. To maximize the development of our players, the Senior Program will provide an intense training program that includes a defensive breakdown by position, catching, hitting, base-running, pitching and conditioning throughout the offseason. We will be practicing Indoors twice a week starting in October at the Diamond Sports Training Center in Puyallup with a team practice on the weekends.

We will either play in the Seattle Elite League or the Puyallup Select Baseball League which includes 16 games while competing in 6-8 tournaments. Outdoor practices will be held in the Puyallup / Sumner / Auburn area as soon as weather permits. Once games start we will continue to practice and scrimmage other local high quality teams. Our emphasis this year will be on putting in the time and effort that it takes to prepare players to be ready for high school baseball which includes being a great teammate and understanding how to play the game on a full sized field.

We are looking for a few committed players to fill out our 2019 14U roster. Please Contact Chris Estrada 206.492.3714 or Kim Sando 253.229.8193 with any questions and to let us know when we will see you. If you prefer a private workout we will find a way to accommodate you.

Untouchables 200x100

Untouchables 14u

14u Untouchables Baseball Program under the direction of Manager Kale Whalen are looking to fill the last remaining roster spots for the 2018/2019 season. The coaches are looking for hard working ballplayers with great attitudes with the emphasis of playing together as a TEAM with the ultimate goal to get them HS baseball ready. The Untouchables program has expanded to 4 teams at Diamond Sports new state of the art indoor training facility in Puyallup. The team will participate in the Senior Program in addition to a team practice time on the weekend starting in October 2018. UT 13u & 14u teams will also be implementing a pitching program for the off season exclusive to these 2 teams with a paid pitching coaching. Inquire for more information on what this program will look like and we would be happy to share. Our team will participate in 6 tournaments (at least 1 away) as well as a 16 game Puyallup Competitive Baseball league in Spring/Summer of 2019.

Please e-mail Coach/General Manager TJ Navilio at to a schedule a private tryout or to answer any questions you might have.

Tryout Dates

Thursday, August 23rd at 6:00pm at Diamond Sports Puyallup

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